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Paul Maynard
Blackpool North
& Cleveleys
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Cleveleys and Blackpool North
Save Christ the King Social Club

Save Christ the King Social Club

Update on my campaign to Save Christ the King Social Club.


1. Christ the King Social Centre was due to be closed by the Council in April. Thanks to the campaign locally I organised, the closure date hasnow been postponed until November.


2. The Diocese is transferring ownership of the land to the Council,  pending a redevelopment of the site, including the adjacent shops on   Chepstow Road. No commencement date for these redevelopment   works has ever been given.


3. Although the Diocese was happy to transfer the social club as a ‘going   concern’, the Council wants ‘vacant possession’ as it believes the   building needs too much work doing to keep it open pending the redevelopment.


4.  Thanks to community pressure, the Council are now reconsidering whether a social club can be part of the new redevelopment –   something that would not have happened without local community   support for my campaign.


5.  Christ the  King Social Club is an important part of the community  fabric of Grange Park – so I will keep on urging the Council to ensure   they do put a new social club into their plans for the redevelopment, and accelerate these plans.  


6  Your support has helped shift Council’s opinion. What was an issue once dismissed by local councillors is now something that the Council hierarchy are being forced to reconsider.


7 I will keep fighting on your behalf as your MP, and this demonstrates that people power’ in Grange Park is working well!