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Paul Maynard
Blackpool North
& Cleveleys
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Cleveleys and Blackpool North
Grant Shapps gets a sneak preview of my new website

Grant Shapps gets a sneak preview of my new website

Welcome to my new and improved website. I hope if you browse it you find all the information you want. I’ve added an instant advice section, so people can find the information they need easily to help deal with everyday situations; I do however stand by to help any one of my constituents with whatever concerns them.

I will keep the website updated with news and opinions on what is happening in Blackpool, Cleveleys and Westminster and also use it as a forum for engaging with  people who I represent in Parliament.  I will be running surveys and polls from the site as well as special campaign sites where you can sign up for instance to show your support for Wyre residents who are no longer able to use the trams using their NOW Card.

I would welcome your feedback on the new site and I will take suggestions on how it should be developed in the future to be the tool you need it to be to communicate with your Member of Parliament.  I will also add that no tax-payer money has been used to build and develop this site.