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Paul Maynard
Blackpool North
& Cleveleys
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Cleveleys and Blackpool North
2 Million more private sector jobs

2 Million more private sector jobs

Figures released today show a record drop in those signing on out of work and another month where more people than ever are in work.

Commening, local MP Paul Maynard said,

“This is another encouraging set of employment figures, which has seen a drop locally in young people out of a work by a 100 in two months to 410.  In Blackpool North & Cleveleys we now have fewer people out of work than at the time of the last election and a drop of 523 from this time last year.  These figures are not a trigger for complacency, there is still more work to do to bring down the record deficit inflicted on us by Labour.  However, our long term economic plan with 345,000 more people in work than three months ago and mainly in real full time jobs.  We see manufacturing, exports, business confidence all up and somewhere in the region of 700,000 job vacancies; these all point to an economy that has recovered and is now growing.  It is now important that we all look at how the nation as a whole can benefit from the proceeds of growth and I think it is incumbent on local authorities to face up to the private sector challenge and create an environment where businesses can grow to their full potential.”