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February 6 in blog by Katie

Over the last few weeks and months I have had many people speak to me about their frustration to get around Blackpool and the wider Fylde Coast. I am equally frustrated as I have heard stories about people not being able to get to job interviews as its take over an hour to get from North of Gynn Square to South Shore. This cannot go on.I believe it is a barrier on economic growth. I feel that Blackpool Council needs to address this issue and seriously look at the consequences of its road policy. Private investment and jobs growth is clearly not occurring in Blackpool as it might be, and many residents are concerned at what they perceive to be an anti-car atmosphere.

In order to ask the council to look at this seriously, I have set up a Blackpool Council e-petition. If 1,500 people sign the petition then the council has to debate the matter and I get 5 minutes to present my case that Blackpool Council’s road management is not conducive to private investment and therefore is stopping jobs being created. I would like to ask you to sign this petition. Just click on the link below and follow the instructions. It does not matter where you live, Blackpool, Cleveleys or any other part of the country. Each signature is as valid as the next, as the Council itself has made clear in guidance.


The text is as follows:


“The economic lifeblood of any area is determined by its transport links facilitating travel within that town. Whilst recognising the investment that has taken place in recent years, the local residents listed below are concerned at the lack of strategic planning which has occurred as well as the consequences of poor choices made since May 2011, and calls on the Council to debate the road transport strategy of the Council at Full Council at the earliest opportunity with a view to focusing on measures which will facilitate private sector investment and job creation, including improving north/south traffic flow (especially along the Promenade), assessing options for adequate bus station provision in the town centre, proper planning of road works rather than ad hoc diversions which compound existing problems and a review of how the next Transport Strategy for the town will be formulated.”


The web-link is to be found at, but you must turn off any ‘pop-up’ blockers.




Thank you for your support



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